20 Tech Problems Consumers Would Rather Live Without


The world of tech is not perfect. As time passes, consumers find little things about products that they believe could be done better. However, there are some things that just keep coming back. Here are 20 tech problems that just won’t stay away.

  1. Slow internet

Although the days of dial-up are gone, there are still times where it seems that your internet is being powered by a turtle trying to swim upstream. Whether you are trying to get work done, browsing online for your next trip, or simply surfing the web, slow internet can give anyone flashbacks to that dreadful dial-up tone.

  1. Slow computer

Internet is one thing, but when your entire computer system suddenly freezes up on you for no reason, it is a whole new level of frustration. Computers today brag about being made of state-of-the-art technology, having processors than the other computer system released a few months ago. However, in those times where your computer simply refuses to cooperate, you wonder if in the rush to beat out the competition, they actually forgot to put in the processor.

  1. Slow downloads

Waiting for the next episode of your favorite show is tiring enough but having to wait for it to download makes it feel like an eternity. Sometimes, these downloads freeze up and stop progressing for no reason, leaving you to become so frustrated you end up restarting the download.

  1. WiFi keeps disconnecting

This is self-explanatory. It’s difficult to stay patient while you try to enter a network that you have entered a thousand times before, only to be told that it cannot be accessed.

  1. Software updates making things worse

Whether it is old hardware not being able to handle new innovations in software or a conspiracy about companies purposefully destroying your old phones and computers with new updates, it always gets irritating when you see your device become slower than it was before you updated its software.

  1. Pop-up ads

From annoying scams to embarrassing erotica, pop-up ads appear when you least expect them to. More of a nuisance than causing actual harm, these pop-ups tend to slow down your browser or even cause them to shut down, causing you to sigh in exasperation as you open up your browser and go back to the site you were originally browsing.

  1. Forgotten password

Whether it was the name of your crush or the date of one’s birthday, people tend to forget their passwords quite often. They get frustrated after a few minutes of trying to remember which significant word they put in to access their account

  1. Can't login

Similar to number 7, yet quite frustrating on its own. Even after 10 attempts at putting in the password you know the account is linked to, the website still denies it.

  1. Apps that keep on crashing

Sometimes, updates don’t really fix everything in the app. One minute you sit there, excited that you will be able to play your favorite game. The next thing you know, you find yourself back on the home screen with a banner saying that it crashed.

  1. Phone battery keeps dying quickly

You listen to your favorite tunes as you walk back home, tired from a long day. A few minutes later, you end up listening to the sound of silence. No, you did not reach the end of your playlist. Your phone battery just died, even if you remember charging it for a few minutes before leaving.

  1. Accidentally deleting something important

Whether it was a report you needed to present in the next few minutes or a game you played to pass the time, you never know when you make the mistake of removing it from your life until the next time you look for it. Mistakes cannot be avoided, but this one just drives a lot of people crazy.

  1. Printer won't work

Even if you have everything perfectly set up, some pieces of hardware just will not cooperate you no matter how hard you try. Printers are notorious for not being recognized by the system, so keep that in mind the next time you try to cram the printing of n important document

  1. Paper jams

No matter how much you gingerly insert the pile of paper in the slot, there is always that one piece of paper that ruins everything. Not only do you have to reprint the entire document, you have to spend a few minutes trying to fix the jam.

  1. Ink not printing properly

You swear that you just changed the cartridge, but the black ink on the page seems a little faded. Sometimes it is just a simple misalignment. Other times, it is a hardware problem. You never really truly know.

  1. Can't open email attachments

This problem may be caused by multiple reasons. Maybe the file was incompletely uploaded, or maybe the internet stopped while you downloaded it. Still, the stress you undergo while trying to retrieve it is the reason why it is on this list.

  1. Keep seeing "there is a problem with this website's security certificate"

Even though you have visited this site countless of times, your firewall seems to think something is wrong with it, forcing you to go through the extra step of going verifying it and leaving you with anxious thoughts of a virus suddenly popping up as you scroll through.

  1. The “blue screen of death”

Microsoft users will know of this bad omen. No one knows what truly causes it, but many are familiar with the fear it brings when it suddenly pops up and restarts your computer.

  1. Remembering where you stored particular files or data

A mark of a true file hoarder, trying to find files in your computer feels like you are trying to find a needle in a haystack. Pro-tip: Try using the search function.

  1. Hard drive failure

When your computer refuses to boot up and be functional, you panic as you desperately try to restart it, only to be showed the same startup page. To avoid this problem, make sure your antivirus is up to date and filters everything on your hard drive.

  1. Running out of hard drive space

There are just some files people do not want to let go of. So, when the time comes when your hard drive cannot handle the weight of your data, you have to choose which applications you inevitably have to remove from your computer.

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