2019 Stackie Awards: A Closer Look at the Winners of the MarTech Conference

The 2019 Stackie Awards marked the beginning of this year’s MarTech Conference. This event brings together the marketing technology community in order to honor its brightest stars. With around 50 entries submitted, the final five winners were announced by the Program Chair of the conference, Scott Brinker.

Sponsored by tech stack management tool Airstack, the $4,800 of the proceeds raised from this year’s Stackie Awards entry fees were donated to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization that supports women in the field of computer science. The winner of the 2019 Stackie Awards included Paychex, Airstream, Sargento Foods, Juniper Networks, and ESRI.

In order for a team to submit an entry, they had to make a single slide deck presenting their marketing stack and how it was conceptualized. Brinker said entries included a variety of illustrations, with some companies mapping the customer journey and others highlighting marketing technology workflows.

Here are the 2019 Stackie Award Winners:


Paychex integrated specified MarTech goals and objectives during the past two years that allowed them to succeed. From starting to inventory, organize and manage the company’s MarTech stack, to pulling intelligence from the methods that they had integrated into their system, multiple methods were used in order to create a fully functioning system for Paychex.

According to the team, the biggest insight in creating the slide was the general awareness gained around Paychex’s marketing technology and the number of systems it releases in order to support foundational platforms.


Airstream’s digital marketing partner, Element Three, collaborated with the brand to create Airstream’s slide for the competition this year. Element Three has been a big part of Airstream’s development, helping them adopt new marketing technology that allowed the business, brand, and customer experience to proceed to the next level.


According to the senior marketing manager for Sargento Foods, it was very insightful and educational to go through the process of making the slide to ensure the team was thinking about its MarTech stack in the broadest sense to educate all stakeholders that they manage to reach, both internally and externally.

Sargento Foods uses the MarTech illustration to educate key consumers and user across their organization, which have a varying level of digital knowledge. This allowed them to reach a greater number of people using MarTech.

Juniper Networks

When they were creating their winning MarTech slide, Juniper Networks made it clear that the goal was to illustrate the simplicity and fluidity of the company’s MarTech stack in support of the customers’ journey. It was incredibly necessary for them to highlight their clientele since that was the main focus of their system.

The graphics they used were tributes to their advancements in cloud networking as well as clearly establishing the various technologies that contribute and play a part in each stage of the buyer’s journey. As the slide was built, the team became mindful of the core systems but also discovered new areas where they could be bold, try new things, and take risks.


ESRI’s manager of marketing technology, as well as their marketing technologist, admitted that they have often referenced and studied previous Stackie winners for new ideas and concepts to show what an integrated MarTech stack is able to achieve. Building the slide allowed them to analyze and forced them to think even more about ESRI’s MarTech stack, including the areas it impacts, in order to communicate the overall process so that users and consumers could easily understand and digest it quickly.

These five companies are a symbol of what MarTech can achieve. Regardless of the number of people on the team or the number of years a company has been in existence, innovation and success can come from anywhere. Truly, these companies are a testament to the potential that MarTech has.

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