3Doodler Launches Mobile App, New 3D Kits and New Edu Learning Packs

3Doodler, the glue gun of 3D printing, is here again with its latest educational products
together with the debut of the 3Doodler mobile application.

The maker of the world’s best-selling 3D printing pen revealed its newest products- the
3Doodler Start, 3Doodler Create +, 3Doodler Pro and 3Doodler EDU product lines- last
February 13, 2019. The company launched two new 3Doodler Start Kits. The kits are called the
RoboSumo Activity Kit and the Alphadoods Character Kit.

The company showcased its new products during the New York Toy Fair 2019 in the Jacob Javits
Center, Manhattan last February 16 to 19, 2019 which was opened for media viewing.

3Doodler co-founder, Maxwell Bogue said, “Over the last few years, we’ve emphasized the
ability to make a phone case using a 3Doodler pen. But with the app, the 3Doodler’s capability
to work with your device makes it easier than ever to create. It’s also more environmentally
friendly than printing out a stencil.”

3Doodle’s new mobile app turns a user’s smartphone into a 3-dimensional drawing canvas. It is
now downloadable on Google Play and Apple's App Store absolutely free.

With the new 3Doodler App, the user does not need to print out a stencil anymore. The app
offers plenty of ideas and stencils you can choose from. The 3Doodler mobile app also comes
with more than 10 tutorials that are not just for kids but also for adults. Plus, there are new
projects added weekly.

The app is especially intended for 3Doodler Start and 3Doodler Create+ that teaches 3D
drawing basics and provides tips and techniques with a series of interactive projects.

3Doodler’s mobile app is like a coloring book. It encourages doodling on the user’s phone
screen. Creating 3D projects will now be less complicated with the step by step instruction the app is

Before the New York Toy Fair, the company already announced the availability of EDU Learning
Packs on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy and various retailers.

What is 3Doodler and how does it work?

3Doodler is the world’s first and number 1 best selling 3D printer pen where drawing in the air
is now made possible.

3Doodler is created by Peter Dilworth, Maxwell Bogue and Daniel Cowen of WobbleWorks, Inc.
It works by melting and ejecting the plastic thread that cools and solidifies abruptly. This pen
uses a plastic thread that is composed of either acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ("ABS"),
polylactic acid ("PLA"), or “FLEXY”, thermal polyurethane (“TPU”). This allows users to create 3D
objects free-handedly. It works like a glue gun. A foot of a plastic thread can make about 11-
feet extruded structure.

Users only need to plug the 3Doodler in a power source. No software and computers
needed, just pure creativity. The device allows the user to create anything they want bringing
their ideas to life with a personal touch.

3D doodles could be made as simple as flatforms, a 3D freestyle structure or the user can make
separate parts that could also be joined by using the 3Doodler. The user can create basic 3D
shapes and models, plastic jewelry, pendants and ornaments that could be hanged, decorative
art, and personalize stuff like phone cases, laptops, and pens. The user can even create their
own miniature of the Eiffel Tower or the London Bridge.

Even though the tool is very user-friendly, the user should still use the tool with caution as the
pen has a metal tip that gets up to 270C. Users should not touch the tip at any cause. However,
the plastic extruded from the 3Doodler is safe to touch.

Now let‘s talk about 3Doodlers Printing Pen - 3Doodler Start, 3Doodler Create+,
3Doodler Pro and 3Doodler EDU packs

  • 3Doodler Start Essentials 3D Printing Pen Set
    The essential set retails at $49.99 on Amazon. Amazon offers an exclusive set that contains
    Multi-shape Doodleblock that you can’t buy elsewhere in the world.

    Designed with no hot parts, this set is the only child-friendly 3D pen. It is intended safe for
    children aged eight and above. The pen's tip is plastic that can be safely touched without being
    burned. This variant is BPA-free and non-toxic plastic.

    The 3Doodler Start wants to bring out the artistic skills of the children. It motivates creativity,
    planning, building and spatial understanding which perfect for learning.

    3Doodler bagged the Toy of the Year Award last 2017 in the rookie category and a lot more.
    The set includes 3Doodler Start Pen (Blue), 2 Mixed-color Packs of Eco-Plastic (48 Strands),
    Amazon Exclusive Doodleblock, Micro-USB Charger, Activity Guide.
  • 3Doodler Create+ Essentials 3D Printing Pen Set (BF/CM)
    With the latest version’s new dual drive technology, Create+ has been re-engineered to give the
    user a super smooth and improved Doodling experience. The customer can choose from 3 color
    variants in quartz grey, onyx black and blue.

    The world's first 3D pen features improved durability and reliability for an ultra doodling
    experience. The new version includes improvement of the user’s control on the speed for
    various 3D doodling techniques. The user only needs to click a button for the heated plastic to

    3Doodle Create+ should be on the list of essentials for DIYers, artists, designers and even for
    people who want to try something new.

    The set comes with 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen, 3 packs of ABS & PLA 3mm 3Doodler
    plastic refills in 15 colors (600ft of extruded product), Ultimate Guide of Doodling with 5
    projects, User Manual, Power Adaptor and a set of Tools. This set is sold for $59.99.

  • 3Doodler PRO Pen Set
    Designed for professionals, 3Doodler PRO is the most advanced 3D printing pen among
    3Doodlers new pens.

    The 3Doodler PRO was deliberately created to meet the demands of artists, architects,
    designers, artists. This professional-grade 3D printing pen is great for prototyping and tactile
    design that enables the user to put their creative ideas into a 3D structure.

    The PRO pen is now improved with its speed setting and dial-controlled temperature. It is also
    enhanced with a wider range of materials including wood, metal, nylon, ABS, PLA, and FLEXY.
    The wood thread is made with genuine wood fiber that can be used for repairs on wooden
    materials. It comes on four filament tones- walnut, birch, cherry and natural- that would be
    perfect for any repair.

    The set contains a 3Doodler Pro Pen, a 3Doodler JetPack portable battery pack, a power
    adapter, a Nozzle Set containing 6 different nozzles (0.5mm, 1.0mm 1.5mm, ribbon, square and
    triangle plus smoothing tool), an unblocking tool, and 5 packs of 3Doodler Plastic, each
    containing 25 strands in Wood, Nylon, ABS (Black), FLEXY (Black) materials, and PLA (Clear). The
    set costs $249.99.

  • 3Doodler EDU Packs
    Company chief Daniel Cowen said "Our mission is to inspire and enable everyone to create, and firmly believe that education is the proper vehicle for this mission. We have already seen countless examples of how 3Doodler can positively impact a classroom and have now started to structure our company to meet that demand." With its dedication to education, 3Doodler has been used to over 8,000 classrooms all over the world since it was founded six years ago. Last year the company 3D printing pen kits for teachers and students that were only available direct from 3Doodler. Now with EDU Learning Packs is now more available for sale through major retailers and online selling sites. 3D printing pen kits provide many benefits to students. It helps teachers to teach in new ways. It also helps boost children's concentration and discover their potential in a 3D drawing. With the all-new 3Doodler EDU Learning Packs, the teacher can equip an entire classroom with 3Doodler pens and accessories for less than the cost of a regular 3D printer.

Now let’s talk more about the new kits

The Robosumo Activity Kit costs $24.99 that came with an activity guide, two motors, two pack
of plastic and two DoodleMolds for the 3Doodle Start or 3Doodle Create+ users can build own
little sumo battle-bots. The created minibots can battle off against each other in a mini-Sumo

The Alphadoods Character Kit retails at $19.99. Kids can create animated ALPHAHOOD action
characters in three-dimension. A kit comes with two plastic packs, two ALPHAHOOD canvases, a
stencil, and an activity guide.

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