A Remote Worker’s Guide to Better Work and Play

Remote working or staying at home to work is now on the rise. The ability to lounge and work from the comforts of home in specified working hours just like how corporate offices do it is now becoming mainstream. Living the life of a remote worker can be pretty fun and exciting.

A digital nomadic life is very far from boring and routinary. The weeks’ work can be done simultaneously and in between during mid-week excursions to traveling anywhere. The only challenge of remote working is remaining productive even when you are still wrapped in your comfortable blanket or when you are always on the go. Working remotely has its own perks. You get to work anywhere, even in your pajamas. And working remotely comes with both huge benefits and big challenges. It is true that this type of work can heavily reduce productivity. And the idea of being able to work anywhere, keeping everything organized, and staying on track with work can prove difficult.

A productive but fulfilling remote work routine is hard to achieve. And the freedom offered by working remotely also comes with undesirable consequences. Having to work virtually and remotely means you do not have access to a traditional desk area nor can you take advantage of company products.

The standard of productivity is the amount of work you do in a given time.  With the exact gadgets and device, working remotely can become very efficient. This will give you more time to lounge and rest. From productivity devices to travel essentials, these gadgets for remote workers will totally improve your digital nomadic lifestyle this article will get you covered. These devices and apps should improve your remote working life to help you do more on the move.

Lightweight and heavy duty laptop


Probably the most essential gadget for a person working remotely. When choosing a good laptop, a worker must consider weight, size, battery life, storage capacity, and cost.

Since you will be carrying your laptop anywhere with you, a lightweight laptop that can easily be placed in a tote is preferred. To keep work during travels light and smooth, choose a 10-inch laptop or an 11-inch laptop. Further, a laptop with long battery life is necessary to get the most out of your work and travels. 

Here are some of the best laptops for remote workers:

  • Acer Chromebook CB3 11.6-inch - This slim and lightweight Chromebook is perfect for working while traveling. It has up to 9 hours of battery life and comes at a very affordable price. This laptop is your go-to gadget for smooth and fast processing. It also comes with a speedy wireless connection. The Acer Chromebook CB3 11.6-inch features a full-sized keyboard which is perfect for typing. 


  • HP Stream Laptop PC - Reliability and performance are key features that remote workers should look for in laptops. The HP Stream Laptop fits perfectly for the said necessities. This laptop has a battery life of almost 11 hours and it also has a Bluetooth capability.
  • Apple MacBook Air 11-inch Laptop – For Mac-lovers, consider this ultrathin MacBook Air. This 11-inch laptop has a compact size making it easy to bring with you anywhere. It also helps that its quality performance can keep your work up to par. The Apple MacBook Air 11-inch laptop works with the newest Intel processors and has a battery life of up to 9 hours. 


  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6 2-in-1 Laptop - Featuring the latest 8th Gen Intel Core processor, this device is perfect for everything from working to streaming to playing: an all-in-one device with 13.5-hour battery life. This laptop is so reliable that you will not mind working without being tethered to an outlet. It offers three different modes of usage: Laptop Mode, Studio Mode, or Tablet Mode.

Travel chargers and Adapters



When it is about working while traveling, ports and plug spaces are always valuable real estates. The Satechi Multiport Travel Charger is one of the best travel chargers available in the market today. It houses a combination of Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port, two USB 3.0 ports, and a USB-C port that could power up to 60W. This charger lets you charge up to four devices at a time. And in just half an hour, expect your gadgets to have 50% of power with this charger.

Another mighty savior for remote workers to optimize work and play is the PlugBug Duo. This portable adapter allows you to charge your MacBook with the new USB-C while charging your older devices at the same time. With PlugBug Duo connected into your power adapter, you will be able to add two regular USB charging ports.

Portable Power Source


Traveling to remote areas with no power sources can be a problem for remote workers. BatteryBox is a portable power system that can keep up with your travel and work. BatteryBox includes a special cable to power your MacBook and a USB port to charge your phone, tablet or any other gadget on the go.

Another reliable portable power source is the Mophie Powerstation AC. This device has a high power output and is on top of its game. This portable laptop battery charger can power a 15-inch MacBook Pro. It also boasts a USB-C port with a USB-PD label, which means it is capable of fast charging an iPhone 8 or even an iPhone X.

Portable Storage


Almost all remote workers agree that the less you carry, the better. When traveling, you should only bring what is important. Problems with excess baggage may arise when you bring your gadgets with you for work purposes. With SanDisk Extreme 500, you can now carry fewer devices. It is almost half the size of a smartphone and it can read speeds of up to 430 mb/s thereby helping you quickly transfer large photo libraries and videos.

Internet on the go


Remote workers pledge their lives to the internet. And the most common issue for remote workers who are traveling is the internet connection. The new Skyroam Solis is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that works in over a hundred countries globally. It gives you high-speed internet connection wherever your feet will take you. It also comes with a 6,000 mAh battery, giving you about 14 hours of internet access.

Music to Boost


Whether working on a remote tropical island or in the comforts of your home, stress from work can still get to you. To set aside some time to help your brain and body recover, experts highly advise listening to good music. This can only be achieved with the best speakers and headsets. The Melomind Headset is a product of its kind that trains your brain to relax. This helps you cope better with stress and reduce the chances of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more. This headset works by providing you with a great audio soundscape that responds to your brainwaves. The music also modulates to sync with your brain waves in real-time, making you feel more relaxed.

Private Workstation


Since remote workers do not normally own an office, they are often forced to adapt to work anywhere, even in public. However, with the help of Alcove Mobile Laptop Privacy Workstation, remote workers are now able to experience privacy. This product serves a dual purpose laptop case and has unfolding walls when you open the case, giving you the feeling of being in an office. The Alcove workstation is also portable and superbly compact and lightweight and can help protect your device when folded. When there is work to be done, all you need to do is simply unfold the case and you are good to go.

TimeFlip Time-Tracking Device


It is easy to lose track of time when traveling, and working remotely means taking time management seriously. TimeFlip helps you keep track of the time it takes you to perform a task. All you need to do is flip the device over to reveal the next task to do. Interestingly, it also works with an app. It automatically syncs with the app so you can easily visualize how you use your time.

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