Adding Multiple Stops to Your Google Maps Route: A Guide

Google Maps has revolutionized the way we look at traveling. In the past, people had to rely on memory or big paper maps in order to get to their destination. Often, these people have a hard time reaching it because they do not really have a concrete and well-thought-out route. While this is part of what made road trips fun in the past, nothing is more irritating than being stuck on the road for hours with no idea where to go.

A lot of people are already aware that Google Maps is capable of giving you detailed directions to get from point A to B. However, what if you want to have multiple stops on your journey? Instead of looking at a map, look at your smartphone. Google Maps allows you to enter up to nine additional destinations, allowing you to customize the route and pass by the sights you wanted to see along the way. Do note, however, that this feature is only available if you are driving and walking on the app. If you are incapable of adding destinations, make sure that you have selected either the walking person or the car icon within the app

How to Add Multiple Destinations in Mobile App

You are capable of adding multiple destinations to both the Android and iOS versions of Google Maps. To get started, open the application and press the blue “Go” button in the bottom-right of the screen.

By default, Google Maps uses your phone’s location as your point of origin. If you prefer a different starting point, you may enter it in manually.

Next, input your first stop in the “Choose destination” box below the starting point. To add another destination, tap on the menu icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

With the menu open, find the “Add stop” option and select it. This will add another destination box below the first one. Input your second desired destination in that box.

This process can be repeated for up to nine additional stops other than your original destination. If you need to rearrange the order of your stops, simply drag the stops into the desired order by holding the three dots located with the name of a destination and dragging it to its position. Once you have added all your stops and they are in the order you desire, press “Finished,” and you will be ready to travel to your destination(s).

How to Add Multiple Destinations Using Your Browser

If you want to organize your trips a long time before the dates, you can use the web-based version of Google Maps. Adding multiple destinations in the browser version of Google Maps is the same as adding directions within the app. However, there are some slight differences.

To start, Open Google Maps on your web browser. Press the “Directions” button, which looks like a blue diamond with a white arrow inside of it. Google Maps uses your computer’s location as the starting point by default, so change the starting location if you would want to do.

After that, enter your first stop in the field labeled “Choose destination, or click on the map.” You have the choice to either type your destination in or click on the on-screen map to mark where you would like to go.

Once you are finished inputting your first stop, you should see a “+” icon named “Add destination.” Add another location by clicking this. Again, you have the choice of either typing your destination in manually or clicking on the map.

Similarly, as with the mobile app, you are able to add nine additional stops to your trip. You can also easily rearrange any of the stops on your trip if you want. Clicking on the circles next to the locations to drag and drop them into the desired order will do the trick. Finally, if you want the directions to be accessible, you also have the option to transfer the directions to your phone.

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