Grab Introduces GrabPet Beta in Singapore
Tue, 07 Apr 2020
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Grab your pet and go. Transporting your furry friend will be now much convenient and comfortable as Grab launches GrabPet in Singapore on Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

Grab SG had just released the beta of its most recent feature on the Grab app on Apple and Android. The ride-hailing service, Grab, is finally letting Grab users book on-demand transportation services to bring their pets with them around Singapore at any time.

Head of Grab Singapore, Lim Kell Jay said, “We’re very excited to launch GrabPet because we know that many pet owners find it challenging to travel with their pets, given the limited transportation options available in the market.”

Even though it is not the only pet transport service in Singapore, GrabPet Beta is the first in SG that includes insurance for pets onboard. GrabPet driver-partners are specially trained to handle pets. Fares start from S$14.

All AVA-Approved Allowed, Except Birds

Only house pets that are approved by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority in Singapore get the chance to enjoy GrabPet’s services. Birds cannot be transported as air fresheners pose a threat to the bird's sensitive respiratory system. The pets should also be accompanied by human passengers.

GrabPet posted some guidelines on how to travel the customer’s pets. According to them, dogs should be leashed or crated when transporting. Cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, and chinchillas must be put in a cage. When transporting a fish, it must be contained in a closed fish tank. Turtles, hermits, crab, and frogs should be placed in a closed container.

On a single GrabPet ride, a maximum of two medium-sized pets (up to 41cm in length) or one large pet up (41cm or more) is allowed. Well, apparently a passenger cannot carry a cat, a dog, a rabbit, and a fish at the same time even though the total size of these animals does not exceed the limit.

Includes Insurance Coverage for Pets plus an In-Car Kit

The service also provides insurance that covers for pets, passengers, and the driver. GrabPet is the first pet transportation in Singapore that includes insurance for pets.

GrabPet Taxis will be equipped with an in-car kit that includes a foldable backseat cover which is waterproof and with an adjustable leash for suitable pets, a microfiber towel, and air freshener to ensure a well-maintained clean ride for both human and animal passengers.

"The needs of our users, no matter how niche, are important to us. We're very excited to launch GrabPet because we know that many pet owners find it challenging to travel with their pets, given the limited transportation options available in the market. We have worked hard to ensure that we can better serve our users and their pets, which includes first-of-its-kind travel insurance for pets. We welcome our driver-partners' and passengers' feedback on the new service so that we can continually improve it for all users," he added.

GrabPet is available 24 hours and on-demand depending on a driver's availability. These drivers have undergone mandatory training to prepare them if certain circumstances may happen while transporting the pets.

Professional dog trainer, Patrick Wong, conducts the training sessions and tackles safety procedures on how to board and dismount pets, tips on spotting aggressive behavior and regulations on the transportation of animals in vehicles.

GrabPet user, Felicia Chan said in an interview, "GrabPet would definitely bring so much convenience to my family. Since we stay in the east, it has always been very difficult to bring my dog to further places, like botanical gardens. With GrabPet, now my family will have the opportunity to explore different places with our dog without having to worry about the journey to and fro. When I first heard about the training provided for Grab drivers, I was also very heartened by it. It puts me at ease knowing that there will be someone else who is aware of how to handle my pet, and ensure that they are safe throughout the entire car ride. Also, it’s great to know that pets are insured on the rides as well!”

The Benefits of Grabpet Beta According to Grab

“Travel with peace of mind: Grab is going the extra mile for safety and providing additional insurance for all pets, passengers, and driver-partners on GrabPet rides. GrabPet is also the first pet transportation service in Singapore that offers insurance coverage for pets onboard.

Trained driver-partners: All GrabPet driver-partners are trained in pet handling and can help ensure to transport the pets safely. Grab has already trained hundreds of driver-partners for the new service and will continue to expand the GrabPet fleet (see Appendix for background on the trainer).

Safety and comfort for pets: All GrabPet vehicles are equipped with a foldable back-seat cover with an adjustable leash for suitable pets, to ensure the pets can travel comfortably and safely. GrabPet driver-partners also have microfibre towel and air freshener to ensure that their cars are clean and well-maintained for all passengers.

Get rewarded for every ride: For every dollar spent on a GrabPet ride, passengers will receive up to six GrabRewards points, depending on their membership tier. These GrabRewards points can then be used to redeem for Grab services and other perks such as CapitaLand vouchers, KrisFlyer miles and more.”

65-year-old Grab driver-partner Shanti Kaur said, "I'm very excited about the launch of GrabPet, as it would allow pet owners in Singapore to have a hassle-free journey with their pets. As a pet owner myself, I understand the trouble that pet owners may face when traveling around with their pets, and this new service allows them to travel safely and with more ease. The mandatory GrabPet training was also very helpful and informative, allowing Grab drivers like myself to learn how to handle a variety of pets. More importantly, GrabPet will be an additional income stream for me, while allowing me to interact with pets at the same time!”

Singapore’s pet owners had already been able to transport their pets using Uber’s uberPet ride feature that launched in October of 2017. Unfortunately, the uberPet service had stopped when Grab bought Uber's Southeast Asia operations on March 2018.  

RydePet is also a similar feature by Ryde but the rates of the carpool are up to 25 percent higher than a normal carpool. Animals that RydePet allows to be transported are dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, and fishes in a plastic bag. RydePet also transports birds that are put in a cage.

One Grab representative said that there are, at this time, hundreds of Grab driver-partners in Singapore who are trained for the GrabPet feature. “This number is increasing as we continue to train more driver-partners to better serve Grab passengers and their pets,” she added.

“We welcome our driver-partners’ and passengers’ feedback on the new service so that we can continually improve it for all users.”

Grab wants to donate S$3 from every GrabPet transport to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Singapore for the next month.  

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