Are We Witnessing a New Apple?

With multiple innovations in the field of smartphones, Apple fans everywhere are excited as to what Apple has in store for them in the next few months. Will it be a more efficient wireless charging system? A truly notchless display? Will they bring back the headphone jack? All these things are possibilities for innovation. However, in Apple’s spring press conference on March 25, 2019, they have decided to wade into the sparkling waters of streaming. Apple’s new innovation was a video-streaming product.

People are no strangers to the wonders of video streaming. Netflix created opportunities for people to watch their favorite movies and series anywhere at any time. YouTube showed funny cat videos and relatable teenage individuals that were made in social media influencers. Other video sharing and streaming platforms existed on the internet. However, these only served as third-party providers for those who frequently used their iGadgets. There is little to no news as to Apple having its own streaming service. That is, until the press conference. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that it has been working on a video streaming service, investing 900 million dollars in its creation and the development of original content for the service. Apple has excelled in other forms of media, with iTunes and iBooks sales allowing for them to invest in another aspect of media streaming.


The next big thing

The iPhone is the backbone of Apple’s success. However, with iPhone sales stagnating and even dropping significantly over the past few months, Apple needed to have its next big thing in order to stay relevant in the race of technological superpowers. By investing in a streaming service, Apple will be able to tap a demographic that it only had half a hold on in the past. The streaming industry is such an enticing investment, especially given how much Netflix, Hooq, and HBO affects how people consume media that they used to consume on a separate screen.

By investing in a streaming service, Apple could potentially convert a huge population to using its product. Without having the need to contract with a third-party streaming service provider, Apple would be able to save a huge amount of money while dedicating its focus on innovating its own streaming service. Consumers wouldn’t need to have multiple subscriptions to multiple streaming services just to get what they want.

Given that it has not even been created yet, Apple now has a huge opportunity to listen to the wants and needs of its consumers. While Netflix and other video streaming services have a lot of shows and movies in their systems, they do not have everything. Apple can even invest in exclusive contracts with producers and media corporations to make sure that what they have, other streaming services do not have. The fact that the idea of a video streaming service from Apple is so malleable allows them to reach out and ask their consumers what they want and ultimately provide it to them.


Moving forward

In order for Apple to break past the wall of low sales, it needs to make sure it takes the right steps in creating video streaming services. The fact that the market is concentrated with difficult competition is mainly the reason why it is going to be difficult. However, Apple’s massive fanbase and cult following allow for it to explore multiple fields of technology and media with at least the assurance that there will be people who will consume it. If done right, Apple might be introducing the next Netflix into the game. One thing is for sure, as long as Apple is included in the mix, you should not count it out just yet.

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