Automated Anchoring: AI Robot to Discuss the Future of News Anchoring in Dubai


When Artificial Intelligence was first created, it was seen as something slow and rough around the edges. Investors were skeptical about whether or not they should invest in something that proved to be difficult to innovate. The fear of robots and AI taking over the worlds loomed over the heads of people as corporations continued to improve Artificial Intelligence and made it more lifelike. Nowadays, AI can be found everywhere. From coffee machines to smartphones, it has integrated itself into the daily lives of individuals around the world

In the advent of advanced technology, one robot created with a specific purpose is about to address its biggest audience yet. In Dubai, an Artificial Intelligence powered robot will address the attendees of the Arab Media Forum. In a session aptly named “The Future of News Anchoring”, the robot will present to over 3,000 local and international media leaders, scholars, writers, and experts. Not only will this be the opportunity to show the world how far artificial intelligence has come, but it will also give investors a look at the product of their investments. More importantly, it grants the world a glimpse into what a future with AI integration looks like.

A leap into the future

In its history, this will be the first time that a robot speaks in front of a crowd regarding news anchoring. This exposure will not only educate people about what artificial intelligence is capable of, but it will allow them a glimpse into the future of our world. Artificial intelligence is capable of more than understanding how your life works. If done correctly, this event could even attract multiple investors and researchers to help fund and improve Artificial Intelligence technology.

Artificial Intelligence is attractive to multiple corporations for multiple reasons. Its efficiency alone is reason enough why it is coveted by multiple companies around the world. However, in the news industry, Artificial Intelligence could create a big impact on how we look at the news now. With the capability to consolidate and analyze news, it could become an infallible source of constant news flow. It could replace roving reporters who go to areas that may put their lives at risk. It could even replace the weatherman by using artificial intelligence to create more accurate interpretations of the weather. All these are possibilities when Artificial Intelligence is concerned.


There are people who believe that allowing technology to think for themselves will ultimately lead to machines overthrowing humanity. While that might seem difficult to grasp, there are possible harms that could come from AI innovation. With the way things are going right now, AI might not just be used for menial, repetitive tasks. In fact, innovation seeks to improve upon the current abilities of Artificial Intelligence, making it more lifelike and capable of day to day jobs. This event, in particular, shows how far innovation has gone, with a robot having the capability to address a crowd and not only tell them about something but to potentially interact and respond to questions and statements that it may receive. This is just a small look into the capabilities of technology, and a tell-tale sign that this is not where it reaches its limits.

The Arab Media Forum is gearing up to be one of the most momentous events not only in Artificial Intelligence innovation but in the world of technology in general. However, it certainly will leave a mark in history. Until the event ends, we will have to wait and see what the future of news anchoring will truly be.


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