Best Apps for Users Who Prefer Dark Mode

There has been a trend of darker User Interfaces (UI) being the preferred look by consumers everywhere. Although it is a style option, benefits can arise from using a darker interface. For example, there is less eye strain when using gadgets in the dark. For screens that use AMOLED, a type of screen that uses organic matter, a completely black or darker interface saves power and battery life.

Right now, there are many apps available that employ a ‘dark mode’. Take a look at how you can change the way you use your smartphone with these apps that have a dark interface in their options.

  1. Twitter

Although the interface has more of a darker blue tone rather than a true, black ‘dark mode’, the interface itself gives greater comfort to some users compared to the previously harsh white and light blue background. The dark mode can be accessed in the app’s settings.

Some people have said that Twitter will receive an even “darker” dark mode in the near future.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Before becoming an official feature, Messenger’s dark mode was hidden behind a neat little trick. By sending a crescent moon emoji to one of your friends, the app would prompt the user if he or she would like to turn on dark mode. This would then change the user interface into a black-themed setup. Now, you can simply access dark mode on Messenger’s in-app settings.

  1. Google’s Snapseed

When editing photos, it is always better to have a black background. The colors of the photos really stand out against the black background, and it helps users as they edit. Google’s Snapseed has a feature that allows you to work on a black canvas, making the colors of the photo really stand out. As with the others, the dark mode setting can be found in the in-app settings.

  1. Podcast Addict

If you like to listen to podcasts but do not like the painful, crisp white background that some podcast apps have, try using Podcast Addict. While inherently having a dark user interface, users of the app can choose between “Black AMOLED”, “Black”, “Dark” and “Grey” options Going to the settings and choosing the theme that they prefer.

  1. Telegram

This app is a neat alternative to other messaging apps, offering end-to-end encryption and allowing users to make stickers out of their own photos. However, the best part of the app is its ability to change its user interface to a darker one if the user wishes to do so. Just one quick visit to the in-app settings page and you can now message your friends and family in a darker UI.

  1. Today Weather

This app is really simple. It inherently has a dark user interface, and it has no options as to changing it to a lighter or white interface either. Perfect for those who want to check the weather but prefer a dark UI.

  1. Pocket

This app is perfect for those who prefer reading the news while on the go, without having to connect to the internet. Pocket allows you to save articles online to your phone for later reading. This app offers multiple themes, such as sepia, white, and dark themes.

  1. Amaze

Amaze is the file manager for the people who prefer to have more control over their files. While phones usually have pre-loaded file managers, sometimes the functions are not enough. With Amaze, you can get into the nooks and crannies of your files and manage everything. This app also has a dark mode and the option to select multiple action colors, perfect for those who prefer a bit of customizability.

While there are only a few apps on the market that offer true AMOLED dark mode, it is clear that this trend is growing. We can expect that, in the future, more and more applications will follow suit and implement their own dark modes within their apps.

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