Blockchain Event Provider CryptoBlockCon Announces 2019 Events

CryptoBlockCon, the leading blockchain event provider, has unveiled the calendar of events for the year 2019. The events for the industry during this year provide countless opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts to connect and network with each other. This is even more valuable as the community of blockchain enthusiasts includes people beyond borders. The events are strategically designed to gather hundreds of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry participants to discuss benefits, techniques, and possibilities of innovation for blockchain technology and crypto assets.

The co-founder of CryptoBlockCon, C.J. Smith, said, “CryptoBlockCon provides premier events where great minds unite to create the future of blockchain.” He further added, “Our traveling conferences were created to showcase companies that are utilizing blockchain to improve industries through increased efficiency, security and transparency; to educate current and future industry participants about blockchain technology; and ultimately to serve as a platform to connect industry participants and inspire them to assist in the adoption and implementation of this transformative technology.”

The events for CryptoBlockCon for the year 2019 are the following:

  • CryptoBlockCon - Los Angeles, April 3-4

Over 25 blockchain presenters will be discussing two major tracks: Healthcare and Blockchain Tech. Here, blockchain experts and those interested in the subject will gather in Los Angeles for one of the most exciting blockchain conferences in the industry. The highlights will include interactive keynote addresses, as well as panel discussions and insightful presentations that will cover everything. Opportunities and strategies for blockchain investments and building a blockchain ecosystem are among the topics that will also be included in the discussions. Other topics include distributing computing models, blockchain regulation, and the responsibilities of being a good blockchain security leader, just to name a few.

  • CryptoBlockCon - New York, August 13-14

Enthusiasts that will participate in this most anticipated event in no other city than New York will be able to gain actionable insights, as well as learn how to leverage blockchain technology in their businesses. Startups will be able to teach them and show how they started using blockchain to innovate and disrupt the world’s major industries.  

  • CryptoBlockCon - London, September 23-24

 CryptoBlockCon London will take place in a setting where the backdrop is no other than the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, London’s iconic sights. The event will cover major topics like delivering essential global insight into cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry. CryptoBlockCon London will also present opportunities for participants to create wider international networks and learn from each other’s insights. The latest industry breakthroughs and strategies will also be discussed in addresses and presentations, as well as insights into blockchain application and execution. 

  • CryptoBlockCon - Las Vegas, December 11-12

CryptoBlockCon, at the end of the year, will highlight panel discussions and keynote presentations in two full days.  The participants will benefit from opportunities to learn from blockchain superstars and experts on blockchain technology and crypto assets. They are also presented with opportunities to network with known investors in the field, advisors, and founders and thought leaders of the blockchain industry.

These are four major events spearheaded by CryptoBlockCon for the year 2019. If you are new to the technology and you look for ways to integrate innovative technology to your business, joining the events will give your learning opportunities to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Blockchain technology could also allow your business to have decentralization, immutability, security, and transparency which are essential in industries like agriculture, banking, transport and logistics, healthcare, education, e-commerce, mining, and property, just to name a few.

CryptoBlockCon will also present you learning opportunities with industry experts and allow you to make connections with leaders in the field.

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