Branching Out: Logitech Expands Third-Party Apple Accessory Products

After branching out from its personal computer legacy back in 2016, Logitech continues its newfound success in mobile accessories by developing third-party accessories for major names in the smartphone industry. This is a big leap from the company, who started out making mice for personal computers for users to enjoy. However, since the market demanded portability and efficiency, Logitech had to think of new ways in order to be competitive in the tech landscape. One of their first devices, the Pop, was a switch that could act as a remote control for lights, locks, speakers, and other household devices. Originally, what they were doing was based on cloud-based peripherals.

Now, Logitech creates peripherals for smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung. This expansion is a welcome innovation since a lot of consumers complain about the quality that Apple peripherals have, with lacking design elements that hamper their functionality.

As a continuation of the Slim Folio for iPad accessory, Logitech announced the Slim Folio Pro keyboard case for the new, third-generation iPad Pro models. The case allows protection for the iPad on the front and the when kept in a bag. It also doubles as a stand when being used. The case has a backlit keyboard with media controls, which is one of Logitech’s major selling points for the product. The magnetic latch can also hold the Apple Pencil in place as it charges on the side of the iPad, establishing efficiency as well as functionality for the third-party accessory. The media row also allows users to access iOS navigation shortcuts like accessing Spotlight Search, adjusting the brightness, going to the home screen, playing and pausing media, and other accessibility controls.

Features and comparisons

When the case is put into “type mode”, the keyboard automatically turns on. Two slots to rest the iPad in offers multiple angles that users can choose between to fit their needs. To enter “reading mode”, you can simply fold the keyboard cover and lay the case on a table with a slight incline, perfect for sketching or typing on the virtual keyboard found on the iPad’s screen.

Compared to the actual manufacturer’s version of a smart keyboard, Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio case is more expensive, lacks backlit keys, and does not have a function row for media controls. The Logitech Slim Folio Pro, however, does not utilize Apple’s Smart Connector to access data and power. As an alternative, the Slim Folio relies on Bluetooth to communicate with the iPad. This means it has to be charged separately using the case’s USB-C port. However, Logitech claims most users will last three months on a single charge of the case so this shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Users will still be able to utilize the third-party accessory to the fullest extent without having to constantly have it plugged in.

While it is totally up to consumer decision, Logitech’s new innovations towards its third-party accessories make it a force to be reckoned with. Given the multiple features and overall user-friendly experience, Logitech’s Smart Keyboard beats Apple’s own accessory. Not mentioning the varying price points, users will have a more enjoyable experience with Logitech’s Slim Folio for their iPad Pro.

Logitech, as a company, may still exist in the world of computer and gadget peripherals. However, it has achieved so much more than just creating computer mice. The innovations that Logitech has created in order to stand out within the tech industry has been superb, effectively competing against the best of the best. If Logitech continues on this path of innovation while catering to the needs of users and consumers, it may very well become the next go-to company for third-party peripherals.

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