Dreampad Smart Pillow Sends Users Straight to Dreamland

In an era where time seems to be becoming scarce on a day to day basis, sleep is a luxury that a lot of people cannot afford. Even when it comes time for people to finally lay down and sleep, they find themselves tossing and turning in their beds, unable to get their much-needed rest. In fact, 27 percent of the population find difficulty in falling asleep. Even more alarming is that 68 percent struggle with sleep difficulty at least once a week.

Because of this, a company named Dreampad Sleep invented a pillow designed to optimize conditions to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. Using vibration and white noise technology, the Dreampad Smart Pillow allows individuals to listen to calming noises designed to coincide with bodily functions. These sounds have been clinically proven to assist people as they try to sleep in the night. Using the same principles as a white noise machine, the Dreampad Smart Pillow allows you to feel the experience of having a white noise machine while limiting the sound only to you, which means that it is perfect to use regardless if you sleep alone or have roommates with you.

Music to your ears

White noise technology has been in existence for a long time, with clinical studies proving its effectivity. Instead of listening to the silence of the night, some individuals are able to be in a calmer state with some sort of noise running in the background. Ranging from static to some form of sound from nature, the type of sound to be played is entirely up to one’s preferences. However, not everyone can concentrate and find peace with sound playing in the background. Some people still prefer sleeping in silence, especially those who are easily awakened by sounds.

With vibration technology, Dreampad’s smart pillows avert this problem altogether. Music through vibration works by sending vibrations through the user’s bones, causing them to hear music through the waves directly in contact with the head instead of listening for sound waves in the air. Furthermore, these vibrations are virtually silent to other people unless they are in contact with the pillow as well. These limit the experience to the user of the Dreampad and allows for others around the user to sleep in silence if they prefer.


The Dreampad smart pillow caters to the preferences of the user. Aside from the capability to choose the type of white noise, you will listen to as you drift into unconsciousness, a variety of fabric and foam options are available to tend to the individual tastes of the user. The Memory Support version of the Dreampad is made of memory foam, perfect for those who want their pillows to cradle the contours of their head and neck area. For traditional foam, the Dreampad comes in Firm, Medium, and Slim Support, leaving the choice to the users and adapting to their particular tastes.

The Dreampad was originally created for children and young individuals who suffered from anxiety and trauma. It was also found to be effective in calming down people with autism as well. However, the use of the Dreampad is perfect for anyone in any age group. Made from environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic eco-fill, the Dreampad could easily become the next big thing in household investments for consumers everywhere. Not only does the Dreampad allow users to feel at peace and grant them a more comfortable sleeping experience, but it also allows users to feel totally refreshed in the morning, contributing to a better overall feeling for the rest of the day.

In a world where even sleeping has become difficult, the Dreampad offers comfort that sounds like it was made with what dreams are made of.

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