Flexibits Brings Cardhop to iOS


Flexibits has brought the power of Cardhop to iOS today, March 27, 2019.

The app first debuted on Mac in 2017. The intuitive managing app took Apple’s contacts on MacOS to the next level offering a smart input field that intelligently analyzes the text you are typing and figures out what you want to do. Personalized quick actions let you effortlessly do tasks relevant to your contacts, like calling, sending an email, or calling on Skype.

Similar to the MacOS version, Cardhop in iOS makes it quick and simple to add a new contact or search for an existing one. It is very easy to use that it will make you want to manage your contacts. It is available in iPhone and iPad.

Finding good contact apps for mobile is very difficult. In 2018, Web blog Lifehacker wrote a story about the ordeal “The Best Address Book App for iOS Doesn’t Exist.” Truth is, managing your contacts is a total grind. Other contacts apps are just there to add more to the chore.


Cardhop is a great tool that lets you deal with your contacts quickly.

There is a single search box that controls everything at the bottom part of the app. You need to type a name, an address or a company name, and then voila, the contact you were looking for will come up. Cardhop also lets you input commands like typing “email Mark” and will direct you to Mark’s contact information to open up immediately a new email.

The search bar below also allows you to add new contacts. If you type someone’s name is not on the contact data, it will automatically create a new entry. You do not need to go through every section to fill in their details. It will automatically recognize your entry for those individual details like name, phone number, email, and birthdate, and assign them in particular fields.

Cardhop for iOS offers a choice of dark and light these, and combination theme that shows your lists and results in a dark color and individual contact cards in a light color. Siri shortcuts are also available in Cardhop, which lets you automate various actions with your contacts and integrate those actions across apps.

Cardhop in iOS creates a list of your favorite contacts. You can tap on them to draw out their full contact details or swipe on their profiles to get fast access to tasks such as calling, email, texting, or facetiming them. You can personalize the buttons that pop up so that it is modified to how you want to contact each person.

A business card mode is a unique feature that Cardhop for iOS and MacOS do not. Landscape mode your phone and it will automatically draw out a business card feature with some basic contact info about yourself with a QR code. If the code is scanned, it will automatically import whatsoever contact data you have chosen to share about yourself.

Cardhop for iOS does not create its own contacts list. Rather, it syncs with major contact list providers like Google and Microsoft Exchange. Given that, anything you enter will be reflected in other apps that tap into your contacts, like email clients, iMessage, your phone dialer, and so on. Since Cardhop depends on other providers to store data, Flexibits emphasized it never sees the information you input.

It is now available on the App Store for $4, but it will go up to $5 after a “limited time.” You can purchase the Mac Version for $20.

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