Galaxy Apps Rebranded to Galaxy Store with One UI Design

After Samsung’s announcement last year at SDC 2018, the company finally rebranded the Galaxy Apps which it released back in September 2009.

What was recently rolled out by the company was an update for Galaxy Apps, now with a new name, Galaxy Store. A lot of people agree the rebrand was something called for.

The app also uses the One UI Design, which stays closer to Samsung’s brand and “feels.”

The Galaxy Store is the official app store of the company where apps, themes, and customizations launched by the company (and other companies) on its platform are displayed and offered. New watch faces for Samsung’s smartwatches are also reportedly available on the said app store.

The alignment to the new One UI allows for a more consistent branding of the company while upgrading the look of the store to fit trends of minimalism that a lot of companies are going for.

The app is also rebranded with version and will be rolled out to phones using the Android Pie. A lot of people, however, claim that they got the update on their phones that were running on Oreo.

And nothing much has changed, according to reports, about the app- except its name and its appearance. It is still being used for the distribution of apps and games for the company’s devices. The company claims, however, that the Galaxy Store branding is just a prelude to more unique offers in the future, and what will be offered remains to be seen.


One UI Interface

The changes in the User Interface (UI) are noticeable. The One UI design language, which has a system-wide night mode, offers a one-handed ease-of-use interface, something that users have been clamoring for. With One UI’s one-handed feature, the top portion of applications will simply display texts or images, while the bottom portion remains interactive with the user.

The curvy elements of the user interface are also consistent with the overall aesthetic of Samsung’s Android Pie update, along with the large headers. Most users claim that it is now easier to navigate with the new UI, compared to the previous UI that made it difficult for users to navigate. Quick access to the app’s new sections is also offered at the bottom bar of the new UI.

The update is mandatory and will automatically replace the old version installed on your devices.


New notification panel

The notification panel of Samsung One UI also closely resembles Android 9 Pie’s notification panel. Toggles are now rounded-off which also look like the notification panel of the Google Pixel 3, but with improved reachability (using one hand).

The new notification panel can also drop all the way down with only 2 swipes, with the toggles shifted to the screen’s bottom portion, allowing for more convenience. With this feature, the user will no longer have to fumble around with his thumb just to reach the toggles at the top.


Rounded corners

More rounded corners make this feature of the new UI stand apart from the other UIs in the market. It looks pleasing to the eyes, modern, and simple. This new design also matches the new design of the hardware released by Samsung with their flagship devices that feature more rounded corners and curved edges as well.

The rounded corners are also featured in various default apps by Samsung as well as elements in the system like the Gallery App, Notification Panel, new Default Icons, and the Settings menu.

Samsung is set to dominate the market with these new features, hoping to gain more market shares in the following months to come.

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