Google Released Android Q Beta 2 to Fix Several Issues

Google has released its second Beta update, Android Q Beta 2, on Wednesday with the distinguishing addition of Bubbles for multitasking and notifications. A week after it hit Pixel devices, Google has released Android Q Beta 2 patch to address some issues.

However, the Beta 2 patch is not a major launch. It was addressed after some users noted a performance regression in Beta 2 compared to Beta 1. It includes several bug fixes for developers and early adopters. The most essential resolved issues are related to crashing apps during startup and behavioral permissions in device reboots.

With the Android Q Beta 2 patch, anticipate that apps would not be crashing anymore on startup due to certain issues with execute-only memory and should now function normally. Relevant Android Q behavior change has now been modified, thus, it now only applies to apps that target Android Q or higher, instead of apps that are targeting API 26 or higher.

Permissions managed that can be accessed in the Settings will now function normally after an app re-installation or a device reboot that includes permissions for Unknown Sources and others. Google has mended app ops problems that have been causing the permissions to reset.

Google released the tagged as “android-q-preview-2.5”.

Now Google Photos is working properly

The Google Photos app is now much more improved with regards to its performance. Now, the app will show the pictures you have just taken. Beforehand, the app required its users to change the app’s permission setting for it to work correctly. It is now done automatically in the Android Q Beta 2 patch and it will no longer ask to backup every new photo that is taken.

Fixed Scoped Storage

The Android Q Beta 2 patch seems to also be focusing on fixing issues related to the Scoped Storage. The previous Beta version of the patch has altered the storage permissions that have annoyed a lot of users. The Beta 2 resolves things a fair bit. Sharing media files and downloads through Google Chrome is now made better. The recent Files update helped to fix these problems.

Permissions do not reset anymore after a reboot

One problem in the previous Beta release was that a reboot would break permissions often. Google claims that this issue should be resolved now.

With the Android Q Beta 2, permissions managed via Settings should now function normally after app re-installation or device reboot, including permissions for Unknown Sources and others. Google says that it already fixed the app ops issue that was causing the permissions to be reset.

Apps would not crash anymore on startup

Another fix that Google is boastful about is its changelog relates to how Android Q treated apps at startup. The behavior that has caused apps to crash as soon as the phone first turned on should now be functioning normally as Google adjusted the related behavior to only affect apps targeting API 26 or higher. “Apps that were crashing on startup because of issues with execute-only memory should now function normally. We have modified the associated Android Q behavior change so that it now applies only to apps targeting Android Q or higher, rather than to apps targeting API 26 or higher.”

Google Assistant is broken for some users

Although there were several fixes made in this update, some things have broken down. As reported, some users say that their Google Assistant is not working by a long-press of the home button or even the Pixel’s Active Edge feature.

Fortunately, there is a quick fix for this issue. You just need to go to head to Settings. Then, open Apps & Notifications and click Default Apps.  Next, tap on Assist & Voice Input and then tap on Google to restore the functionality.

In addition, Google has a new build (QPP2.190228.023) for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, and Pixel 3 XL and still features the April security patch and version 16.0.88 of Play services. Updated factory images and OTAs are now available.

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