MarTech: Why Brands Must Take a People-First Approach

Companies have to use a people-first approach to survive, marketing technologies have to serve the “human experience,” says an expert.

A lot of companies, especially with their branding teams, spend more than 16% of their budget to upgrade their technology. However, around half of these companies believe that they still do not have the tools they need to out-compete the others.

It was also further added that most of these technologies for upgrades purchased by these companies do not give satisfaction, they do not help companies reach their targeted outcomes.

“Marketers need to ask what the purpose of the technology is – and it needs to be to serve the human experience,” said Subbu Iyer, CMO at Riverbed. “How can we do better evaluating technology? Think about it from a human context.”

Digital strategies also have to be thought of in a human context. Technologies have to be deployed for customer-centered use cases, again, addressing the human experience.

The modern-day customers are tech-savvy. But more than that, they demand value, accountability, transparency, authenticity, and more importantly, personalization.

Iyer also used a number of studies, as references, to claim that emotions are the number one factor in determining customer loyalty. This is why it is extremely important to understand and respond to emotions, as users who come into contact with your brand can dramatically change outcomes.

According to a lot of experts in marketing, the modern day customer no longer buys products and services. They are all about experiences. Are you selling happiness? Are you igniting inspiration? Are you trendsetting a lifestyle? Are you offering security?

Technology has arguably caused disruption to millions of people’s lives, the way they interact and go about in society. But technology has to offer an experience that consumers long for, or else it will end up forgotten, as with the millions of technologies made that offers no unforgettable experience.


Understanding the user base

Having access to data regarding the consumers means having a greater understanding of their needs, and MarTech companies specialize in this by specifically catering their solutions to the needs of consumers everywhere. With a deeper understanding of what the consumers want and their emotions towards advertising, product information, and the actual purchase or use of the product, MarTech companies are more able to keep up with user trends and adjust their services accordingly.

Although it seems that using MarTech is difficult, the payoff is incredibly worth it given that it’s catered specifically to the consumers of your product. Even if trying to understand the consumer base means data gathering and actual analysis of the data gathered, MarTech offers solutions that provide benefits beyond the effort that it took to gather and analyze data. Truly, MarTech provides for those who strive to understand their consumers.


Understanding the Hype

With an increasing number of users that are connected to the Internet, more companies are taking advantage of the trend using advanced tools to efficiently implement marketing strategies. With the technology getting more advanced and accessible as the years go by, users from different parts of the world are getting interconnected, therefore increasing the opportunities for companies to offer and sell their products and services. This is why marketing technology is becoming useful. The technology allows companies to effectively establish profitable relationships and increase their customer reach. With this technology, sales are expected to continuously grow, driving businesses to their success. Businesses using marketing technology are also more likely to survive the competition and stay relevant amidst changing market preferences. This technology also allows businesses to effectively understand their customers’ behaviors and modify their marketing strategies to adapt to these changes. This is one important thing that sets successful businesses apart.

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