Removing the Block: The Best Apps Writers Should Have on their Phones

Phones are everywhere nowadays. In fact, it is more uncommon for an individual to not have a phone than it is for an individual to have two or more phones. They make lives so much easier by allowing people to do everything they need to do with a push of a button. Everything from dating, shopping, ordering food, and more can be done by just tapping a few things on the screen. One of the ways phones have changed the way we function, however, is the integration of writing. People can now type down their essays or other documents on the phone, not needing to wait in line at an internet café just to type out a report.

Writing as a skill has grown from the quill and paper to your everyday keyboard. In the age of technology, people are always looking for the next innovation that will help make their lives easier. Writers, in particular, have been searching far and wide for a writing app that suits their needs. Sometimes, choosing the right app is more difficult than deciding what food to eat. Whether you are a visual, auditory, or some other form of learner, this list of apps will surely reignite the passion of writing within you.


Mind Node

This app is great for writers who prefer to visualize their image instead of immediately writing down on a piece of paper the basics of your story. With Mind Node, you can simply plot down and idea on the application. Then all you need to do is adding more nodes and connecting more systems. That way, you are able to see the ebb and flow of your own ideas and see how they connect together to form one coherent thought. You don’t need to finish an entire piece in one sitting. However, if you are the type of writer that usually has difficulty trying to visualize what you want, the Mind Node is the best option for them.

Jotter Pad

If you prefer a more traditional type of writing, try Jotter Pad. Its simple interface allows for a more intimate and meaningful moment with your customers. It’s built-in features such as AutoSave, document groups, word count, dictionary, the email document, download to the computer, prove to be the star of the show.

The Brainstormer

This app is basically what heaven looks like for people who like to read and discover new things. The Brainstormer is a story generator, which combines a setting, character, and major conflict. Designed to help you stimulate your creativity, The Brainstormer is good for those writers who need that extra push towards the direction that their creation should go. Not only does it give you options for your story, but it also allows you to sharpen your skills.


For poets who have difficulty trying to find the rhyme to their rhythm, try using Poetreat. As you write, it is able to provide you with words that rhyme with the word you input. You’ll be able to find the best rhyme as well as the syllable count if you continue writing within the app. After that, all you need to do is to click “Yes” and it assists you in becoming the next poetry prodigy.

In this age of innovation, so many applications in the market advertise themselves for something that they really are not. In doing so, people usually end up downloading a lot of bad seeds just to get to a situation where they either quit or lose interest. In order for writers everywhere to be able to have an easier time getting rid of the writer’s block, the steps above can help you achieve your goal.

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