Smartphone Supremacy: Oppo’s Climb to the Top

Smartphone Supremacy: Oppo’s Climb to the Top

In the age of smartphones, it has become increasingly difficult to keep consumers happy. With every innovation, the world seems to crave greater, more detailed aspects. Even the most loyal of cult followers of every smartphone brand can be converted with just one simple change to the system. However, one underdog has managed to keep itself afloat amidst the world’s greatest smartphone superpowers. How to account for Oppo’s rise to the top? It’s a simple mix of innovation and sticking to what consumers crave for: Quality

Humble beginnings

When Oppo first came into the market, it was dominated by Apple and Samsung. With both corporations having a huge following, introducing a new competitor into the fold was a difficult task, especially if you had a difficulty understanding the demographic. Luckily for Oppo, the innovation of a swiveling camera fared very well with consumers who craved higher quality selfies. Dubbed the world’s first rotating smartphone camera, the Oppo N1 wowed the world with its high-quality camera and fast capture speeds.

Smile for the camera

Fast forward to today, and Oppo has not forgotten about its claim to fame. In fact, it pushed on and continued its innovation and improvement. Now, Oppo boasts that its flagship can take the best photos and videos. With a triple camera working in conjunction to capture the most vivid of imagery, new Oppo smartphones promise to deliver consistent quality imagery with future flagships that will come out soon.

The technology responsible for the vivid imagery Oppo is able to get is something exclusive to Oppo. Naming it the Lossless 10x Optical Zoom, Oppo pushed the limits of its capability to innovate by making three cameras work together to capture an image. Its second camera, a wide-angle lens, also allows for phones to take photos of a bigger landscape without having to press the panorama option on your phone.

Artificial intelligence, organic quality

Oppo’s system also boasts a great Artificial Intelligence system that improves color quality and corrects minute details within a photo to make sure that ever picture the consumer takes is perfect. AI is not a new concept, but Oppo’s innovation made it so that everyone can enjoy having a professional photographer, editor, and producer right inside the small metal box, no additional payment needed

Keeping up with the tech giants

Oppo is no stranger to competing with giants like Apple and Samsung. However, the reason for its success is not its obedience to the typical formula for smartphone supremacy, but it is because of its dedication to innovation. Not once did it try to compete with either Apple or Samsung in terms of processing speeds or screen resolution. Instead, Oppo chose to pick one area and innovate it to the point of domination. It would also be unfair not to mention Oppo’s superior charging system. With 10 minutes of charge time, you are guaranteed with at least 40 minutes of talk time. This is something that Apple and Samsung could not even begin to be on par with, given that multiple consumers complain of the inefficiency of battery life on the flagship products of both corporations.

Oppo is an underdog that knows just what it takes to dominate the world of smartphones. Its innovations with aspects of the smartphone that consumers focus on paired with its capability to stay within a reasonable price point make it a worthy rival to all smartphone corporations, everywhere. One day, Oppo may become the most sought out smartphone brand in the world, overshadowing the two corporations that dominate the market today.

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