Snap Inc Introduces App Stories for Third-Party Applications

Snap Inc. recently announced new Snap Kit features and partnerships. One of these is App Stories, which allows Snapchatters to create custom Stories for applications that have partnered with Snapchat directly from the app itself. Moreover, the company also announced new partners across the Snap Kit market.

The Snap Kit, which launched in June 2018, is a new way to assist developers and collaborators grow their apps by inserting Snapchat’s most popular feature within their own app. Partners can now bring the best Snapchat aspects into their own apps, as well as insert their apps into the Snapchat ecosystem. More than 200 apps have some form of Snap Kit within their systems to date.

Like other Snap products, Snap Kit was created with a privacy-centric approach in mind. This means that Snap does not share demographic information with third-party developers.

App Stories

Through App Stories, partners, developers, and collaborators can invite their own communities to create custom Stories for their platforms, right from the comfort of the Snapchat app. Through the all-new App Stories option, developers can now utilize Snapchat’s camera engagement to enrich the experiences on their own apps. Below are some of the apps that plan to integrate the App Story program within their own systems.


Tinder is making it more convenient for its users to update their profiles more often through personal, more engaging Stories. Both Tinder and Snapchat users will be able to send a Snap to their “Tinder Story". This option is available right from within the Snapchat app, adding that Snap directly to their Tinder profile.


Houseparty, a face-to-face social network, is inserting App Stories to help friends connect with each other, even if not all of them are able to participate in a group video chat.

Adventure Aide

With the help of Snap’s Story Kit, Adventure Aide’s community guides can post Stories from their adventures directly to the app. This can help users discover their outdoor activities and sign up for adventure anywhere, with real-life videos showing them what they are signing up for.

These integrations will be launching throughout 2019. However, the Snap Kit is not the only innovation Snap has to offer for the year. Below are some more Kits that Snap has to offer to developers everywhere.

Bitmoji Kit

Bitmoji Kit allows Snapchatters to move their Bitmoji to even more app experiences. Some apps who can benefit from this are the following.


Fitbit is bringing Bitmoji out from the phone and into the wrist for the first time ever to make healthy living even more fun. Bitmojis can be displayed on various models of the Fitbit. The Bitmoji will then change throughout the day depending on your physical activity.


Venmo is integrating Bitmoji into its payment app as well. Customers will be able to have a more personalized user experience, being able to effortlessly “say it with Bitmoji” when they need to write payment notes to go together with their Venmo transactions.

Creative Kit

The Creative Kit allows developers and users to design and build their custom, branded Stickers, Filters, and links that can be shared from their own apps right to Snapchat. From there, they become a part of the conversations of Snapchat users. Creative Kit integrations provide partners both free distribution within Snapchat and recognition back to their app or site.

Partners already live or coming soon include:


From the GoFundMe app, Snapchat users can easily link to Snapchat in order to record a Snap to promote the cause and send to their friends. Recipients can immediately get involved just by swiping up.


Within the Netflix iOS app itself, members can choose a title they would like to share on Snapchat and seamlessly add that title’s art to their Snap, which they can then post to their Story or directly send to their friends.


It is incredibly easy to create beautiful and innovative images on VSCO. By integrating the Creative Kit, Snapchat users can directly share their photos with friends on their Snapchat accounts.

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