Top iOS Calendar Apps for 2019

A good calendar will never fail you to stay on track and be mindful of upcoming deadlines whether they are for personal use or for work.

Apple's App Store has a long list of calendar apps where you can choose from for you to keep track of your tasks and schedule. These apps offer a variety of extra features, from event management and social features to highly customizable and easy-to-read view.

If you are having a hard time keeping track, here are 7 calendar apps that you can find on your Apple App Store.

1. Vantage

Price: Free

Vantage is a Star Wars themed calendar app that offers a stacked view rather than your typical calendar view. This view is more eye-pleasing as it looks more organized and it shows you how many tasks you have.

You just simply have to tap on a stack to view your tasks. Vantage offers a notebook-like to-do lists that can also be personalized by adding photos.

2. Awesome Calendar

Price: $9.99

Awesome Calendar allows you to sync all your iPhone’s calendars. It also allows you to create a to-do list or diary where you can add photos. You can also beautify and decorate your monthly view with stickers for you not to miss out on any important event or meeting.

Awesome Calendar also lets you build your own templates and create multiple checklists perfect for grocery shopping. The app notifies you if you have completed a task.

3. TimeTree

Price: Free

TimeTree is a shared calendar to keep your entire work tasks and schedule organized in one place.

Download this app and invite your workmates and family so you can start sharing appointments and tasks. You and your workmates/family can also chat within the app.

TimeTree also allows you to share memos and schedules outside the app. You will also be notified if someone updated the schedule.

4. Cozi

Price: Free

Cozi allows your family to stay organized in one shared calendar.

You can manage and make to-do lists for individual members of your family. This app will keep your family schedule organized in one shared calendar.

Store recipes in the app and any member of the family can access it anywhere they are. Plus, you can build a shopping list and sent it.

You can also create a journal within the app and store photos and memories that you want to keep.

5. My Study Life

Price: Free

My Study Life is perfect for every student. It is an e-planner where you can schedule and list tasks, reminders, and many more. The app will notify you in advance if you have an assignment that you need to pass.

You can add new classes and other important information like class schedules and room number. My Study Life helps students to be on time in the right class. It also offers tables to add your exam dates and a dashboard to see all classes.

6. Calendars 5

Price: $7

Calendar 5 is a planner to help you complete your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. It also allows you to sync all your calendars like Google, Outlook, and Exchange.

You can also assign tasks to coworkers or family members. Create due dates for tasks and it will notify you in advance about the upcoming deadlines.

7. Fantastical 2

Price: $4.99

The highlight of this app is its natural language processing in where you just have to type a sentence describing an event and it will automatically select out the main details for you to set reminders and events quickly. You can even do a voice search on the app.

Weekly reminders are shown on the main display. You can view your monthly calendar by pulling the screen down.

You can also download Fantastical 2 on your Apple Watch for you to access events and reminders on the go.

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