Vivo’s iQoo Phone to Launch with Triple Rear Camera, Snapdragon 855

Vivo launched a subsidiary brand called iQoo in China few weeks ago. Much is yet to know about this sub-brand. iQoo has been the talk in the tech-world since its reveal and has been rumored to offer premium flagship mobile phones. Hyping up the rumor, Vivo recently revealed the new iQoo smartphone during a live NBA All-Star Weekend television broadcast. Listed below are some of the notable features of the new flagship smartphone by Vivo’s iQoo and the advantages of having them.

Sleek Design

The teaser video featured a girl holding the smartphone, showcasing the phone’s lustrous design. In the teaser video, the smartphone’s front panel was not shown only he back panel. Although no close-ups were done with the phone, it can be notably seen that it will be sporting out the new triple camera sensors stacked vertically on its back panel. This further add to rumors that the flagship phone will come with photography-centric features. Contrary to what has been speculated, the device will not be a foldable phone. Viewers also noticed that the smartphone does not have a fingerprint scanner on its back panel. Adding to the aesthetic look for the device it its glossy back panel, presumably a glass casing.

This smartphone will amped up the demographic of mobile phones. Design is so important to consumers when choosing what smartphone to buy. The new flagship smartphone by Vivo’s iQoo caters consumers with high end design. This phone will surely standout above its competition in the market.

High-end Specs

Coming into the recent hype, Vivo posted an image on Weibo, a Chinese blog platform, confirming the noteworthy specifications of the upcoming iQoo flagship smartphone. The post confirms that this new upcoming smartphone is suited to pack a powerhouse, Snapdragon 855 SoC and manufactured using the 7nm process technology. This is also the latest chipset from Qualcomm which was introduced late last year. This chipset has not been officially introduced on any smartphones yet, so this makes the new iQoo mobile phone top of its game.

This platform houses unimaginable performance and efficiency to the iQoo smartphone. Snapdragon 855 will improve the phone’s processing power, multimedia, and data streaming speeds, plus much more. So far the latest flagship phone of iQoo is very promising. Another important feature of the phone’s processor, Snapdragon 855, is that it is readily available for 5G networks.

Bigger Memory Spaces

The image also revealed that the premium flagship phone comes with 12GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage. This smartphone is said to compete with other mobile phones which packs 12GB RAM like Lenovo’s Z5 Pro GT and Samsung S10 Plus, which is yet to be launched.

The amount of storage space is often one of the factors buyers consider when they buy a mobile smartphone.  Larger memory storage offered by the new flagship mobile device of iQoo will surely allure everyone. This lets you store in many apps, multimedia and games without compromising the performance of the phone itself. Aside from performance, having to take snaps and videos without worrying for the memory space is just one of the best features this new phone provides.

Fingerprint Lock System Upgrade

The Weibo post also confirmed the flagship smartphone will come with the sixth-generation in-display fingerprint sensor. This phone is seen to be an upgrade over the fifth-generation in-display fingerprint sensor available on the Vivo Nex Dual Display Edition launched last December. The company has not yet revealed any information about the new sixth-generation technology but from the looks it, it is very promising. Moreover, the phone’s sensor could cover most of the bottom part of the display and would offer a faster authentication and better security.

Fingerprint scanner of this new phone is unique and highly secure. Giving you ease that your phone’s data will not be taken by anybody if you happen to lost or left your phone somewhere. Having the sensor on the bottom part makes it easier to use the fingerprint lock system. The upcoming new phone is all about efficiency and the sixth-gen fingerprint sensor is just one of the features it houses.

Gaming Phone

From the looks of the teaser, the upcoming new flagship smartphone of iQoo, the subsidiary brand of Vivo, looks remarkable and presumed to be manufactured to compete with the latest gaming smartphones like ASUS ROG Phone and Xiaomi BlackShark Helo. Analysts said that it is about time that Vivo introduces a game-centric smartphone. 

The 4D shockproof feature and a battery power of 4,000 mAh (from the Weibo post) give hints that this new phone could be a gaming smartphone. This adds up to its powerful packed features.  Since it is expected to be a gaming phone, it is highly anticipated for iQoo to have a performance-enhancing tech like improved cooling and software-based optimization to improve the user gaming experience.

The rise of mobile games and demands for netter gaming smartphones have driven mobile companies to develop smartphones that will cater the gamers’ needs. The birth of iQoo is probably the launch pad of Vivo into manufacturing more upgraded gaming phones in the months to come. The upgrade on the battery power gives gamers longer gaming time. For non-gamers, this give you leverage especially going to places without power services. The battery life of this new upcoming mobile smartphone of iQoo will surely last for a time without charging. For now, the shockproof, 4D features and 4,000 mAh battery life are very promising.

Other Notable Features

Some other notable features mentioned in the teaser include NFC, 44W fast charging, USB Type-C and Super HDR mode. Unfortunately, no mention of the details regarding the camera set up on the phone, other than the fact that it packs a triple rear camera setup. 

Tech analysts say that this phone could be, other than a gaming phone, a camera-centric phone too. Another to feature to be excited about this flagship phone. Camera phones have been changing the way people look at smartphones. With the pressure of social media, phones with better cameras are being opted by the global market. Imagine a triple rear camera with resolutions greater than 8MP.

Final Words

While the details about the display is not yet revealed, it is highly anticipated to be in line with the rest of Vivo flagship phones. This means that it could have minimal bezels surrounding the display.  The market is however expecting that this sub-brand of Vivo will change the norm of the display of its phones. Given that it is full packed features perfect for taking snaps, gaming and many more, the market is eager to know the details about is display and the other features it holds.

Vivo has been manufacturing and releasing phones to the market at low to high-midrange prices. This is believed to be the reason why the company developed a subsidiary brand. They have already built a reputation and market for their phones, creating iQoo phones will give them an avenue to enter and launch premium smartphones and devices at higher prices. Surely this new flagship smart phone of iQoo reigns supreme among its competitors and the market is now waiting for the release date.

The revelation of the specifications of this mobile device confirms what everyone has been expecting. The newly formed iQoo sub-brand from Vivo will turn its focus on premium flagship smartphones. The brand is expected to sell premium smartphones worth over 5,000 Yuan (approximately over $738). For now, Vivo seems to want the market to keep Iqoo under its watchful eye. The company reposted the announcement of iQoo regarding the product teaser on its own Weibo page. Thus, reminding everyone of iQoo’s origins and further giving assurance to the quality of products the sub-brand will be offering.

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