Xiaomi: New Low-Cost GPS Sports Watch Yunmai

Xiaomi announced the upcoming launch of a new GPS sports watch via Weibo on February 15. The device is called Xiaomi Yunmai and the crowdfunding campaign for the said watch has gone live. The low-cost GPS sports watch can be purchased through Youpin for just 699 Yuan, which is around US$100 and is expected to be on sale starting March 26. As the name suggests, the sports watch will be manufactured by Yunmai, Xiaomi’s ecological chain company.

Xiaomi Yunmai is going to be the company’s first Xiaomi-branded watch, despite producing a number of fitness-focused devices from Amazfit and Xiaomi such as the Amazfit Pace, Stratos, and Verge, which are associated with the company’s subsidiary, Huami.


The Yunmai watch features a smart sports watch design that integrates a 1.3-inch diagonal AMOLED display with 360 PPI resolution density. It has an amazing 90% NTSC display color gamut for a smartwatch. A Double Frequency GPS + GLONASS, as well as a cardiac beats reader (Pixart 80211ES),  will also be integrated into the device, as they were on Xiaomi Mi 8. The heart rate sensor can detect abnormal heart rates and alert users.

Its 420mAh high-capacity battery can also last up to 4 days between charges. With the full GPS driving mode, the sports watch can continue to keep track in real time up to 42,195 kilometers of marathons. Its built-in U-BLOXGPS chip and its powerful 9-axis sensor can help monitor professional sports data like mileage, speed, number of steps, calorie consumption, and others.  

Users can also store their movement data and see it in map form. Favorite running routes can be stored in the device as well as your progress per activity performed as this watch can automatically recognize workouts and support a number of sports such as running, treadmills, indoors, and outdoor cycling. It also recognizes activities like elliptical workouts, jump rope, and squats.

The watch is made of PC + ABS plastic, making it resistant to high temperatures and impacts. The strap, on the other hand, is made of breathable silicone.

Yunmai also has a low power consumption option, in addition to normal mode. This option allows the device to automatically turn the screen off when not in active use.

The campaign for crowdfunding is expected to end on March 4 and, as reported, expected to hit the shelves on March 26. The watch may come in two colors: ash and rose gold.


Market Analysis

In 2017, around 18.6 million sports watches were shipped globally, according to a study. This is forecast to rise up to 27.7 million watches by 2022. But Xiaomi Yunmai is not just a sports watch, it is also a smartwatch. With the demand for IoT devices growing, the number of smartwatch shipments is expected to rise up to 110.38 million by 2023. This is from an estimated 41.5 million shipments made in the year 2017.

Android held the largest share of the smartwatch market in 2017. Because of the hunger of the consumer market for IoT devices, Android was able to dominate the field with its ubiquitous Android-powered devices which obviously extended to smartwatches. The fast-growing community of Android developers also allowed for the technology to be readily available to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), which made the product more accessible and more affordable.

With a growing number of smart sports watches in the market, Xiaomi Yunmai is seen as a strong competitor due to its price. The low-cost sports watch has incredible features that users with active lifestyles can use regularly, features that almost all sports watches have at a higher price. And with a growing distaste to expensive and less innovative products in the consumer market, Xiaomi Yunmai is poised to gain a larger market share in smartwatches. It is also ready to set the standards of a quality smartwatch at an affordable price.


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